THE TRIP – Immersive Spin Class in Plymouth

Immerse yourself in Plymouth’s best spin class

Take your fitness to the next level in YMCA Plymouth’s amazing cycle studio. THE TRIP™ is an exciting cycle experience that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced spinners. You’ll be immersed in a 40-minute journey through stunning landscapes, projected on our cinema-scale screen and with colour-changing LEDs.

Research shows this class makes you burn more calories for what feels like less effort. Plus, with the instructor not facing you, the room being dark and the ability to go at your own pace / resistance, it’s ideal for both newcomers – or those who want to turn it up!

We also offer lots of more traditional cycle classes in our studio too besides THE TRIP. Check them out on our full timetable.

Why try indoor cycle at YMCA Plymouth?

Fitter faster, with less discomfort

Research shows the immersive visuals and sound from THE TRIP™ helps you work harder and burn more calories, whilst feeling less difficult compared to a regular workout.

No need to feel self-conscious

With the dim lighting and instructor facing away from you, this class can be a lot less intimidating if you’re new to group exercise! If you’re totally new just let the instructor know and they’ll also help you get set up.

Low impact & safe exercise

Indoor cycle is proven to be kind on your body and joints compared to higher impact exercise like running or hitting the treadmill. Plus, you don’t need to worry about dodging the traffic on the bikes in our studio!

Go at your own pace

You can adjust your bike resistance throughout the class to go at your own level. Plus, you can cycle at your own pace. The instructor will guide you, but it’s totally up to you how far you want to push or if you want to turn it down.

New Journeys & Releases

THE TRIP™ never gets old with frequent fresh new releases taking you to new worlds with new music.Your instructor may also run different TRIPs from the catalogue throughout the week.

A healthy way to socialise and meet new people

With the pumping hit tunes and out-of-this-world visuals THE TRIP™ is a fun experience like no other. Bring your friends and make new ones!

Watch our spin studio in action ↓

Class Times

IMPORTANT: Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class for bike set up.

06.45 – 07.30 (VIR)
09.30 – 10.15 (VIR)
18.00 – 18.45

09.30 – 10.15 (VIR)
12.15 – 13.30 (VIR)
19.00 – 19.45

07.00 – 07.45 (VIR)
12.30 – 13.15 (VIR)
17.30 – 18.15 (VIR)

09.30 – 10.15 (VIR) 18.45 – 19.30

06.45 – 07.30 (VIR)
10.15 – 11.00

09.15 – 10.00

09.30 – 10.15 (VIR)

What does (VIR) mean?

 Classes indicated as (VIR) are virtual classes based in our studio. The difference is the instructor is on our big screen, rather than in-person with you. You will still have a member of staff available at the start of the class to help you with your bike set up if needed, however we reccomend attending one of the non-virtual classes first if you have no prior experience using an indoor cycle bike. All the non-virtual classes are delivered by our fantastic live and in-person instructors.

View see our full range of spin classes

Besides THE TRIP™, our studio hosts loads of other cycle classes throughout the week too including; RPM™, SPRINT™, Freestyle Spin and more. So whatever style spin class you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in our studio. Check out our full class timetable below for all our other spin classes.

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Plymouth’s premier spin studio

Our studio boasts one of the most advanced indoor cycle setups in the south west and the best on offer in Plymouth. We use top-of-the-range Spinning® bikes for a smooth ride, alongside 75-metres of LEDs, 5-metre HD screen and a night club-grade sound system. Aside from the kit, our classes are led by some of the best instructors in the business.

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Note: If you suffer from motion sickness or epilepsy, or are affected by flashing, rapid imagery changes and other special effects, this class may not be suitable for you. Please consult your doctor before attempting this workout.