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Badminton Club

We are a friendly group of people who meet on a Wednesday evening to play badminton, have a chat, make new friends and have fun. The evening starts just after 7.30p.m until 10.00p.m; although you do not have to stay for the whole evening. Part way through we stop for a little quiz, just 4 or 5 questions, while those who require it “have a breather”. Nothing too taxing and the winning prize is a banana!!! There are varying degrees of standards, just as there are varying ages and fitness. The games are doubles, with the same ability matched on each side of the court. Hopefully everyone has a good game and a fair chance of a win during the evening. There is an option to play more seriously, we have some league teams playing in the Plymouth Badminton League, www.plymouthbadminton.co.uk The league players can play on a Wednesday, and also on a Monday evening, 8.00-10.00p.m. This is a brief overview, if you would like anymore info, please contact waineparker@hotmail.com; or if you would like to come along, you will be made very welcome.