Our Vision

We believe in a community where everyone has the opportunity to belong, contribute & thrive.

Our Mission

To reach out to all people, inspiring them to develop in mind, body and spirit.

Our values

  • We seek out
    We actively look for opportunities to make a transformative impact on the communities where we work, and believe that every person is of equal value.
  • We welcome
    We offer people the space they need to feel secure, respected, heard and valued; and we always protect, trust, hope and persevere.
  • We inspire
    We strive to inspire each person we meet to nurture their body, mind and spirit, and to realise their full potential in all they do.
  • We speak out
    We stand up for young people, speak out on issues that affect their lives, and help them to find confidence in their own voice.
  • We serve others
    We are committed to the wellbeing of the communities we serve and believe in the positive benefit of participation, locally and in the wider world.

Diversity & Inclusion

At YMCA Plymouth we work to ensure that everyone regardless of their ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic background has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. This is in line with the YMCA World Alliance resolution on inclusion, 2018, that affirms: “diversity and inclusion are at the core of the YMCA movement.”

See how this ethos is realised through our social impact.