Engineering Her Future Event

Only 16.5 % of engineers are female

Engineering her future is a free annual event run  for young people promoting amazing opportunities in STEM fields. In particular, the event focuses on opportunities for women and girls within these sectors.

Engineering Her Future is an annual event organised by YMCA Plymouth in partnership with local schools, with pupils able to regsister through their school. 

To attend this event please contact your school to register 

Event date 
21 June 2024 at 9am – 3:30pm

Why choose engineering?

Make an impact

Engineering can provide opportunities to make a tangible difference in the world by addressing social challenges and improving quality of life.


Creativity can be a big part of engineering. It often involves designing new products, systems, or processes , allowing for creative expression.

Job stability

The demand for skilled engineers remains high across various sectors, providing long term career prospect.


Engineering offer wide range of specialities and industries to explore, from aerospace and biodical to environmental and software engineer.

Download our free guide about careers and training within STEM as well as plenty of advice for young women looking to start their career journey!

This event is sponsor by institution of civil engineers