Fitness Classes
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YMCA Plymouth’s diverse range of group fitness classes are a fun and motivational way to stay fit. Whether you are looking for something to get you dancing or something to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, you can find what suits you.

Our Quality Standard

We’ve been delivering group fitness classes in Plymouth for over 30 years and ensure all our instructors hold relevant national body qualifications and are experienced in leading fitness classes. We’re proud of our ability to offer the best standard of group fitness in Plymouth at an affordable price.

Our Fitness Classes

Class bookings can be made through our App or Online Self-service, or by calling us on 01752 201918. (Bookings through the App or self-service will be available 1 week prior to each class.)

Timetable – From 19th September (click to enlarge)

Class details


cardio fitness classes in plymouth

Using moves from Karate, Taekwon-Do, kickboxing and Tai Chi. It is an empowering, athletic workout that will have you “fighting fit” in record time!

A great workout that combines strength and cardio exercises for a full-body burn. It will get your heart pumping, make you sweat, and challenge your muscles.

An old-skool aerobics class suitable for all levels – An energetic cardio workout that will burn calories and tone up your body.

An exciting aerobic workout involving non-contact kick & punch combinations to pumping music – leaving you feeling FightinFit with a healthy heart and happy mind.

Choreographed step routines designed for all levels. A fantastic workout with great music that helps burn fat and tone up your legs and butts!



dance group fitness class in plymouth

An exciting dance-style workout with uplifting music, the lights turned down and the disco turned up! Combining dance and combat moves this workout is guaranteed to get you fit with a Friday night feeling.

The ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise. Featuring chart-topping popular hits and simple but seriously hot dance movies, SH’BAM™ is the perfect way to shape up-even if you’re dance challenged.



strength fitness class in plymouth

The original barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. Great music and your choice of weights inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast

A complete body workout for new and experienced exercisers wishing to shape and tone those notoriously difficult areas.

Define, tone and strengthen your entire body using the stability ball.



specialised fitness classes in plymouth

Fun fitness for the more mature!



combination of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates to improve your flexibility, strength and overall posture. A class of structured moves, stretches and poses that give you a great workout while leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.

A great way to improve muscular balance, strength and posture.

A combination of traditional Hatha yoga, holding poses whilst relaxing and focusing on breathing, alongside vinyasa flowing movements. Together these improve strength & flexibility and help improve your mental wellbeing.



short group fitness class in plymouth

A 20 min class designed to tighten and tone the abs and strengthen the lower back.

Class Prices

5 Classes for £10 Offer!
Try 5 classes for only £2 each
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Monthly subscription £27 p/m
20 Sessions £71

£4.25 (Member)

£5.75 (Non-member)

Youth (16-18, or valid student card) £2.65

*Why not mix and match? With block booking or the ‘5 for 10’ offer, you can use your sessions for either group fitness classes or the gym.

YMCA Charity Membership

To take out any gym or fitness package you will need to become a YMCA charity member, which is an annual subscription in addition to your fitness package. Alternatively, you can use the facility with a small daily fee.

Our charity membership is equivalent to less than 7p per day, but as an independent charity it is vital to supporting our local community provision such as disability sports clubs, medical fitness programmes and youth services.

If you would like to know more about our work as a charity click here.

Charity Membership
Adult (18+) £25 per year
Student (16 – 17 or valid Student card) £14 per year
Junior (Under 16) £9 per year
Senior (60+) £14 per year
Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) £48 per year
Daily usage fees
Adult £1.50
Youth £1

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Here’s 5 reasons to choose getting fit at YMCA!

  1. Our Staff – All our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications. Equally, our team are down-to-earth and know what it’s like to get started on your fitness journey. Plus, our gym is always manned by friendly staff ready to give you support and guidance.
  2. Free Parking – We have ample free parking space right at our centre, so that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about. Alternatively, if you’re taking the bus there’s a stop right outside the centre on the 61/62 route, or 10 minute walk from Outland road.
  3. We’re a charity and that supports local people – YMCA Plymouth is a non-profit organisation and every penny that we make goes back into the local community. Helping people to get active and lead healthy lifestyles is one of our core aims – so you can rest assured that we are genuinely here for you. Equally, your membership helps support a range of charitable services which not be sustainable without you.
  4. We’re local – YMCA is known across the world, but we are in fact a network of local independent charities.  YMCA Plymouth was founded in 1848 as an effort by Plymouth people to help local people in “mind, body & spirit”. 172 years later, that’s not changed.
  5. There’s plenty to choose from – Staying fit and active is about finding what you enjoy and what works for you. We have one of the biggest selections of group fitness classes in the city, a range of affordable personal training options and an extensive fitness suite. And that’s not all – we also have plenty of sports and activity clubs run at the centre throughout the week.