Personal Training

Our affordable personal training aims to get you the maximum results in the minimum time. Our trainers will tailor a structured programme that works for you. You can expect guidance and support from your trainer enabling you to learn new skills, improve technique, give you health and nutrition guidance, and support you to reach your goal. Whatever your aim and level of fitness, they will ensure you reach your target whether it be better health or improved body tone or sport performance.

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Meet Our Trainers

Marco Rotella

Marco has worked in gyms since 2018 and has a degree in Health & Wellbeing. He’s a passionate and friendly trainer who enjoys helping people with their fitness journey – when he’s not playing football, squash, mountain biking, or walking on the moors!

Bryony Chalcraft

Beginning her fitness journey as a YMCA customer, Bryony turned her own weight struggles into the passion for training she has today. She was even a Ninja Warrior coach and contestant! Now as a personal trainer, she is able to pass on her wealth of experience to both pros and novices alike.

Neil Talbot

With over 24 years in the fitness industry, Neil’s extensive experience is equally matched by his vast range of qualifications in all aspects of fitness. Above all, he believes in applying his expertise to helping people of all abilities make positive changes.

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Group training
30 minutes


Max 5 people 

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group training
60 minutes


Max 5 people 

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