Online Fitness

Get your fit on from the comfort of your home! Join our fitness trainers from your mobile device, TV or laptop by streaming their workout videos and classes from youtube. Simply tap a category below to take you straight to the relevant YouTube playlist.

Join veteran fitness trainer Sue Raven for a range of classes including strength and conditioning, pilates, HIIT and aerobics.

Looking to build your strength without fancy gym equipment? While it’s not as good as the real thing, trainer Neil Talbot will show you how to get a great full-body workout with these range of programmes that utilise simple household items and spaces.

Quick high-energy workouts that will leave you feeling fitter, stronger, and probably a bit tired!

Relax, recover and improve your wellbeing with these simple movement flow routines with Sam.

Fancy a challenge? Join our resident Ninja Bryony for these fun quick workout challenges!