Fitness saved my life – Robert’s journey at YMCA Plymouth

Once in a while, we hear some inspiring stories from our gym members about the difference getting active at our gym has made to them. One example is the heartfelt letter we received this week from one such inspiring member. Not only does it affirm all we aspire to do as a community-based non-profit gym, but also we hope his message will inspire others that may be in a similar position, either looking to get back their fitness or start their own fitness journey.

Here’s what Robert said:

I joined the YMCA Gym in January this year after 10 years away from any sort of weight training or exercise. I was not sure if I would be able to start again after such a long time away and also now being disabled, I was not sure if I still have the same enthusiasm that I once did.

I had always been a very active person and found a need to go to the gym several times a week, over the many years that I did, (my whole adult life). Until everything changed after my injuries.

I was passionate about physical exercise and being very fit at the time before my injuries. I was worried that I would fail and not be able to have the same motivation that I once had.

It is not lightly that I say this but, the people at the YMCA GYM have given me my confidence back.

The YMCA Fitness Instructors, Marco and Bryony have always been 100% understanding of my needs and very helpful in helping me in any way they can.

I have been told by many doctors that my fitness has saved my life.

And now all of you lovely people at the YMCA have jumpstarted me again and helped me back to something that I thought I would never have again.

You have all changed my life. If you have any misgivings about what a difference you all make to people’s lives, please believe me when I say, it’s priceless.

Thank you all So very much for what you do.

Regards and my many thanks
– Robert

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